STOP Muscle Cramps Now...pHUEL 5.0

We have been working athletes for years with chronic muscle spasms and now we have an awesome and highly effective tool in our tool box.  pHuel 5.0 stops muscle cramping fast.

The body's largest organ, the skin, has a very delicate neuro and vascular relationship with underlying tissue. Maintaining healthy, low pH acid mantle supports these relationships. The skin’s thin protective outer layer (called the stratum corneum) optimally functions at a potent acidic pH of approximately 5.0. Optimizing the acidic characteristic of the skin enhances these relationships. [pH]uel 5.0 is a low pH topical solution.

One of the muscle factors that low pH creates is the phenomenon called the BOHR effect. When pH is lowered, oxygen molecules are released from the red blood cells, increasing availability and uptake. Increased oxygen accelerates healing and lowers inflammation.

Studies indicate a rise in skin pH results in significant amounts of trans-epidermal water loss, which can compromise athletic performance and health. Maintaining a healthy pH is a critical factor in the barrier properties of the skin. The scientific community has long established the necessity for proper pH in both skin and muscle health. [pH]uel 5.0 is a total body safe low pH formulation clinically designed to support the acidic nature of the skin.