Bio-Optimization for Performance & Recovery

Elite Performance Team 

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz 
Sports Recovery Specialist

Bio-Ops Workshop

Learn the most effective strategies to recover
from training and competing.
-Hydration Strategies
-Cellular Energy
-High Tech Recovery Tools
-Low Tech Recovery Tools
-Manual Therapy
We will dive deep into the world of Bio-Hacking the human physiology to greatly improve performance and recovery.
*Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy*Hypoxico Training*LiveO2*
*Normatec Compression*Nano Vi*
Whole Body Vibration*Deep Tissue Laser*Marc Pro*Compex*
*PEMF Therapy*InfraRed Sauna*
JOOVV Light*Amino Neuro Frequency*ROCK Tape*Pimitive Rolling Patterns*
*Mitochondrial Energy Production*

Workshops are presented at New Jersey Chiropractic & Sports Recovery

611 Rt 46 West, Suite 201

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604


Our facility can accommodate 10 people per workshop

Workshop are open to all groups