Elite Fuel

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Elite Fuel is a vegetarian, orange flavored power formula that supports mitochondrial function to reduce fatigue and restore cellular function.

The ingredients in Elite Fuel focus on improving:
• Energy via the production and recycling of ATP
• Exercise tolerance
• Cardiovascular output
• Muscle strength and recovery
• Oxygen utilization and physical stamina
• Athletic performance and endurance

Elite Fuel contains:
• D-Ribose
A naturally occurring sugar that has been shown to support the production and recycling of ATP which helps to increase energy formation in stressed tissues.

Dimethylglycine is a metabolic enhancer that helps the body overcome various forms of stress such as aging, poor oxygen supply, free radical damage and a weakened immune system. As a methyl donor it contributes methyl groups to keep ATP levels high.

• CoQ10
An anti-oxidant and a naturally occurring cofactor in cellular energy, it is vital to the production of ATP. It improves the heart’s pumping ability, improves circulation, increases tolerance to exercise and improves the heart’s muscle tone. As a powerful anti-oxidant it helps protect heart tissue from free radical damage. CoQ10 levels decline after the age of 35.

• Acetyl-L-Carnitine
A derivative of the amino acid, carnitine. It supports heart function by transporting fatty acids from the blood through to the mitochondrial membranes and into heart cells so the fatty acids can be converted into ATP. The heart requires a constant supply of ATP in order to provide enough energy for it to keep beating regularly.

• Malic acid
Is involved in energy production in muscle cells. It also increases ATP production due to its involvement in the Krebs cycle. Malic acid is also needed for glucose metabolism, which is important for nourishing muscles and nerves.

• Protease
A proteolytic enzyme that decreases muscle soreness following intense exercise or activities.

• Rhodiola
A herb that supports cellular energy metabolism. It promotes higher levels of ATP and CP (creatine phosphate) thus providing more of the energy molecules needed to perform many daily activities

• Bromelain
A proteolytic enzyme that supports muscle recovery. It has been shown to alleviate muscle soreness after intense muscle contractions.